Research Incentive Program

Starting September 2017, Parker University has implemented a research incentive program of cash awards to non-research faculty, staff and students for their involvement in research. The program is designed to encourage participation in research and help shape the research culture of the University.

Faculty, students, and staff of the University (who are not dedicated research personnel) are eligible for participation in the program. Co-authors who are not from Parker are not eligible.

To be considered for an award, participants must submit an application. Awards will vary with the level of difficulty associated with the work as follows:


Peer reviewed journal publication:

Eligible journals include only professional scientific or biomedical peer-reviewed indexed journals. It would not include trade journals like the association journals or lay professional magazines. Where the issue of peer-review or indexed is subject to some interpretation of question, the research committee will make the final determination. Authors are encouraged to communicate with the Director of Research or Research Committee before submitting the paper for publication.

  • To qualify the work must acknowledge Parker University.
  • The publication must be in a peer-reviewed research journal (works like Dynamic Chiropractic,, trade journals, etc., are not eligible).
  • The publication must be in its final print or electronic “published” form (works “in press” or “under review” are not eligible).
  • Faculty and staff may only apply within twelve months after publication.
  • Persons external to Parker University are not eligible.
  • Only one bonus is paid per publication.
  • The University recognizes any Parker University author (not just the primary author) may submit a research paper for bonus award consideration. If multiple authors (within or outside Parker University) collaborated on the publication, the bonus will be distributed between authors as they determine with only are eligible Parker employees receiving the incentive.



Funding Criteria


Original Data Reports

(i.e., explanatory, observational, and experimental research, both quantitative and qualitative, systematic reviews and meta-analysis)

Descriptive Reports

(i.e., case study, case series,

Narrative or scoping literature review, etc.)

Medline Journals

$ 3,000

$ 1,500

Non-Medline, Peer-Reviewed/ Referred Journals

$ 1,000

$ 500


**Applications can be submitted online at: **

Faculty P.I.E.

P.I.E. @ Parker- Faculty P.I.E. I & II




Prez2Pub Prep for ACC-RAC 2020

The research department is offering assistance with Abstracts in preparation for ACC-RAC 2020. 

If you would like more information, please email the research department at






Journal Club

P.I.E. @ Parker - Journal Club


P.I.E. @ Parker is pleased to present Parker University's Journal Club, which is a place for all faculty members to gather and discuss relevant chiropractic academic literature. This is a safe, non-judgmental opportunity to teach and learn about the current evidence that directly impacts the chiropractic profession. If you are interested in specific topic or in presenting, please contact Dr. Dana Lawrence.




Stay tuned for Fall 2019 updates

Critical Appraisal - Misc

From Evidence-Based Chiropractic Practice by Dr. Michael T. Haneline

(.pdf, 131K)

to evaluate experts / presenters

(.pdf, 69K)
Critical Appraisal Tools

Courtesy of Palmer College of Chiropractic: Adapted by John Stites DC and Amy Minkalis DC from: Walsh M, Perkovic V, Manns B, Srinathan S, Meade MO, Devereaux P, Guyatt G. Therapy (Randomized Trials). In: Guyatt G, Rennie D, Meade MO, Cook DJ. eds. Users' Guides to the Medical Literature. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill; 2014.

(.pdf, 288K)
(.pdf, 226K)
(.pdf, 226K)
(.pdf, 212K)
(.pdf, 226K)
Critical Appraisal Tools

Courtesy of: Northwestern Health Sciences University and Regents of the University of Minnesota. Created for the CAM Research Education Partnership Project through funding from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (grant number R-25AT003582). Last Update: 09/19/2013

to evaluate resources with summarized material, such as systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and guidelines

(.pdf, 65K)

to evaluate articles on diagnostic tests ability to diagnose

(.pdf, 45K)

to evaluate interventional studies for certain conditions / outcomes

(.pdf, 48K)

to evaluate articles with qualitative research

(.pdf, 44K)
Ethical Responsibilities



Protecting Human Right Participants (PHRP) Training



  1. Create an account
  2. After creating an account, go to this link:

  1. Click add to your cart: "Pricing without contact hours" ($0)
  2. On the next page scroll down to add quantity: 1 to cart, click “add to cart”
  3. Proceed to check out: the item description should be “Ethics and Human Subject Protection- No Contact Hours”
  4. Verify that your contact information is correctly displayed, you may be asked to log-in if not already done
  5. Agree to the terms by clicking “by submitting your payment, you are agreeing to abide by the ACRP terms of service and code of ethics”, click continue
  6. Click: submit order
  7. Return to your account
  8. Got to “my courses” displayed on the right-hand side of the page
  9. Scroll down to eLearning course, click “access your course”
  10. On the following page you will have to click “eLearning” for your course to be displayed
  11. Begin course
  12. Once your course status is completed you will need to complete the “evaluation” before the certification will be made available


Special Note:

This certification will only remain on the website for ONE YEAR. Investigators are responsible for maintaining PHRP or equivalent training.

If you need help with creating an account, registering for the course, or obtaining certification of completion, please contact:




Registry Instructions

To add your clinical trial to please email the following information:


Primary Investigator

Title of Project


IRB Approval Number


Once you are registered in the system you will receive an email from ClinicalTrials.Gov with your login and password. When you log into ClinicalTrials.Gov, YOU will be able to update your record. Upon finishing the process, please complete your entry, so the Research Program Manager can release your clinical trial.




All systematic reviews need to be registered with PROSPERO. This is the primary investigators' responsibility to register your systematic review.


REDCap Resource



REDCap is an online application for building and managing surveys and databases. This tool is available for Parker University staff, is secure following 21 CFR Part 11, FISMA, and HIPAA-compliant environments. The following link will direct you to the log-in page, you may be required to activate an account, please use your Parker University email, the password to log into the website is your Myparker password.


REDCap Link:



If you need additional help please review the following tutorials or email 


Tutorials/ Resources. 


REDCap 101 Basic Overview Training .pdf (Log in required for online videos). 

Registering a New Research Proje

Registering a New Research Project

To register your research project please click on the following link:


If you have any questions on filling out this form you can watch an informational video at:


email the research department at