Parker University tutors, help students with content-related issues and engage their peers in key learning skills designed to benefit them in their courses and beyond.
Serving as a tutor with the Center for Teaching and Learning is an excellent way to enhance interpersonal skills, deepen your own understanding of core content and skills, and promote a key Parker University value, loving service!

Qualifications for all NEW and RETURNING Tutors:

  • Possess a 3.0 Cumulative GPA for their Respective Program at Parker University
  • Earned at Least a B (80%) in Course(s) Seeking to Tutor
  • Eligible for Federal Work Study/College Work Study
  • A Passion to Help Others 

Students working as tutors earn $11 an hour. Students hired as peer tutors will have the option of working in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Trimester-Specific Tutoring: Tutors work with groups of students from a specific trimester in the curriculum.Tutors work with a small group of students to address individual areas of concern in any of the courses offered in the specified trimester.
  • Course-Specific Tutoring: Tutors work with groups of students from one or more courses in either a lab or classroom setting to address students’ academic needs and questions. The tutor works with a faculty member from the course(s) to determine areas of focus for tutoring sessions.
  • Learning Resource Development: Tutors create student-friendly learning tools and resources for specific courses, including guides for studying, videos, time management tools, etc.

Tutoring applications are accepted at the end of each trimester. If you are interested in working as a tutor and you meet the criteria described above, visit the link provided in the Student Newsletter and on signs around campus.

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