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Tutoring Services

Parker University, through the Peer Tutoring Program, provides assistance to students seeking additional support outside the classroom. Students receive tutoring from their peers who have demonstrated high academic achievement in their courses. The program is managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning and it affords students with specific instructional needs the opportunity to obtain extra academic assistance at no cost.
Two types of peer-tutoring are offered for a variety of courses and subjects at Parker University:
  • Subject-Specific Tutoring: Tutors work with groups of students in either a lab or classroom setting to address students’ academic needs and questions. The tutor works with a faculty member from the course(s) to determine areas of focus for tutoring sessions.
  • Trimester-Specific Tutoring: Tutors work with a group of students to address individual areas of concern from various courses within a trimester curriculum. Examples would be "Tri One Tutoring" sessions which could cover Biochemistry I, Cells & Tissues, Developmental and Applied Anatomy, and other Tri 1 courses, depending upon the students' needs and trimester schedule.

Times and locations of tutoring, organized by subject, are located to the right. To participate in tutoring, simply attend any of the sessions listed.

For More Information

 For our most up-to-date schedule and tutor roster, please visit our website:



To participate in tutoring, simply attend any of the scheduled sessions. No registration or sign-up is required. Please contact the tutor via email for additional information about a session.

Please note: Tutoring sessions will not take place on holidays or on days the institution is closed (i.e., Parker Serves, inclement weather days, etc.). Please contact the tutor for the most up-to-date times/locations.



The Tutoring schedule is available on our website:

Unless stated otherwise, the Tri 1 sessions will be drop-in style and can cover a variety of topics discussed in the Tri 1 classes. Weekly topics will likely focus on the most recent coursework and/or impending exams.





Tutee Expectations

Parker University students (tutees) who participate in peer-tutoring services agree to the following expectations:

  1. I will come prepared to tutoring sessions (i.e.: bring all required materials needed to help tutor assist you, and have a list of specific topics of concern from a course lesson).
  2. I understand that the tutor will NOT do my work for me.
  3. I will be respectful to the tutor and my peers in the tutorial session(s).
  4. I understand tutoring services provided by the tutor are not intended to be a substitute for classroom instruction.
  5. I understand tutoring services are not designed to re-teach an ENTIRE lecture/lesson given during a course’s classroom instruction.
  6. I agree for the tutor to share my progress and/or challenges with Center for Teaching and Learning staff.
  7. I agree to be willing to try to new learning strategies/styles the tutor uses in the tutorial session(s).
  8. I am willing to evaluate the peer-tutoring services as requested by the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  9. I agree to meet with tutor at the agreed-upon times and locations (on-campus).
  10. If the tutoring services are unsatisfactory or do not meet my academic needs, I agree to meet and share my concerns with Center for Teaching and Learning staff.