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Starting September 2017 (with modifications applied in September 2018), Parker University has implemented a research incentive program of cash awards to non-research faculty, staff and students for their involvement in research. The program is designed to encourage participation in research and help shape the research culture of the University.

Faculty, students, and staff of the University (who are not dedicated research personnel) are eligible for participation in the program. Co-authors who are not from Parker are not eligible.

The following eligibility criteria apply:


a.       The publication must be in a peer-reviewed research journal (works like Dynamic Chiropractic,, trade journals, etc., are not eligible).

b.       The publication must be in its final print or electronic “published” form (works “in press” or “under review” are not eligible).

c.       Faculty and staff may only apply within twelve months after publication.

d.       Persons external to Parker University are not eligible.

e.       Only one bonus is paid per publication.

f.        The University recognizes any Parker University author (not just the primary author) may submit a research paper for bonus award consideration. If multiple authors (within or outside Parker University) collaborated on the publication, the bonus will be distributed between authors as they determine with only are eligible Parker employees receiving the incentive.



Original Data Reports

(i.e., explanatory, observational, and experimental research, both quantitative and qualitative, systematic reviews and meta-analysis)

Descriptive Reports

(i.e., case study, case series,

Narrative or scoping literature review, etc.)

Medline Journals

$ 3,000

$ 1,500

Non-Medline, Peer-Reviewed/ Referred Journals

$ 1,000

$ 500