Every effort is made to work with students who have financial needs. Financial Aid is the first, and most helpful, department.  Information on scholarships, grants, federal, private, and alternative lending are available.
Students who leave Parker University without clearing their account will be contacted to establish payment arrangements. Automatic billing to a credit or debit card is the most frequent alternative. Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted. We are not currently able to automatically draft checking/savings accounts. Checks and Money Orders (in US funds) may be mailed or delivered to:  2540 Walnut Hill Ln  Dallas, TX  75229.  Cash is still accepted.
Students who fail to maintain payment arrangements until their account is clear become eligible for outside collections. Windham Professionals and National Credit Management have both contracted with Parker University to collect unresolved debts. Should their services be required, the fees of the collection agency are added to the student's outstanding debt.