The Financial Aid Office works diligently to assist students in obtaining scholarships, grants, and loans from various federal, state, and/or private sources to provide support to the student and the student’s family in pursuit of their career goals.

Financial Aid at Parker University consists of federal, state, and or private grants, loans, scholarships, and work programs that are awarded singly or in combination as funds are available, to all eligible students without regard to race or national origin, religion, sex, disability or marital status.

Students are responsible for keeping current with their financial aid status. Because of the time required to process loan applications, students must observe deadlines for submitting applications to the Financial Aid Office. Please visit the website at for application, and scholarship deadlines.
Any financial aid received will first be applied to current tuition and fees.  If the financial aid creates a credit balance, a refund will be issued to the student via their selected refund preference.