The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) was established to maintain uniform high standards of excellence in the chiropractic profession and chiropractic education. The NBCE primarily prepares and administers examinations to qualified applicants. State licensing boards and/or legal agencies governing the practice of chiropractic may accept, at their discretion, those individuals who have successfully completed any part of the examinations.  

NBCE exams include written exams Parts I, II, III, and PT, as well as clinical practical exam Part IV. All states require some or all parts of the NBCE exams to be passed as a prerequisite for licensing. A directory of state licensing requirements can be found on the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards’ website at  

Parker University is responsible to certify that students are eligible to take National Boards in accordance with the deadlines set by the NBCE. Because of the importance of performance on National Board examinations, Parker University has requirements for certifying students for National Board eligibility.  

Students may be approved to apply for an NBCE exam when enrolled in a trimester in which application is due prior to the scheduled completion of the final trimester required for the associated exam. The following are qualifications for this approval to make application:
1. The student must have a grade of 80 or higher in all courses topically covered in the associated exam by the last date to withdraw in week 11 of the trimester
2. The date of participation in the exam is past the date of completion for the required trimester

All students should take all parts of the NBCE exams prior to graduation but students who fail or withdraw from classes, on a special schedule, or take a leave of absence from the program may experience a delay in qualifying for NBCE exams.  

Parker University is an official test site for all parts of the National Boards. However, the number of exam sessions, dates of the exams, and number of students permitted to take the exams at the University is determined by NBCE.  

Eligibility Timeline  

Students should take NBCE exams according to the following timeline:  

• Part I upon completion of all trimesters 1-4.  

• Part II upon completion of trimesters 1-7.  

• Part III upon completion of trimesters 1-7 and completion or concurrent enrollment in Trimester VIII. NBCE requires students to be within nine months of graduation when taking the Part III exam. 

• PT upon successful completion of Parker’s PT course sequence.  

• Part IV may be taken when the student is eligible per the NBCE requirements that include taking the exam within six months of anticipated graduation. 

A student who begins the DC program in:

January   Will take NBCE Trimester Test Month
(Winter)   Part I Tri 5 August
    Part II Tri 8 June
    Part III Tri 8 July
    PHT Tri 7 March
    Part IV Tri 9 November
April   Will take NBCE Trimester Test Month
(Summer)   Part I Tri 5 January
    Part II Tri 8 September
    Part III Tri 8 October
    PHT Tri 7 July
    Part IV Tri 10 May
August   Will take NBCE Trimester Test Month
(Fall)   Part I Tri 5 January
    Part II Tri 8 February
    Part III Tri 8 March
    PHT Tri 7 October
    Part IV Tri 9 May