Each year the Symposium on Teaching and Learning celebrates Parker University faculty members and their commitment to providing students with quality learning experiences. Events offered during the symposium recognize teaching excellence and provide faculty members with opportunities for professional development and growth.


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2020-2021 Symposium on Teaching and Learning

August 13, 2021


Previous Speakers

Jose Bowen

Kim Brandon

Stephen Chew

Robert Cooperstein

Linda Elder

Barbi Honeycutt

Perry Samson

David Starmer

John Tagg

Tom Tobin

Rita Vela

Adam Wear

Todd Zakrajsek

Distinguished Educator of the Year Award (DEYA)

Parker University’s Distinguished Educator of the Year Award (DEYA) recognizes and promotes learning-centered education. The award, which provides the recipient with a $5000 monetary award, is given annual to one full-time faculty member at the annual Symposium on Teaching and Learning.


This award promotes instructional effectiveness, learner-centered strategies, professional commitment, and effective assessment strategies. Applicants are evaluated on these four dimensions throughout the selection process, and are also provided with feedback at each step. Every effort is made to select the DEYA recipient based on a holistic view of each applicant.


The selection committee uses rubrics to evaluate application packets. The committee meets to discuss the results and selects a recipient. Selection for the DEYA is made by a committee comprised of the following members.

  • Associate Provost of Education and Research
  • Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • A Minimum of One Staff Representative From: Student Affairs, Human Resources, Research
  • Previous DEYA Recipient
  • Three DC Faculty Representatives, Chosen by the Academic Leadership Team
  • A Minimum of One Faculty Representative From: College of Business and Technology, College of Health Sciences
  • A Minimum of Two Student Representatives, at the final decision meeting

To be considered for the DEYA, applicants must submit a letter of intent, application overview, and full application packet. Feedback will be provided along the process, and integration of feedback will be taken into consideration.

DEYA Recipients

2013 - 2014: Chris Petrie

2014 - 2015: Rebecca McGinnis-McGill

2015 - 2016: Chris Smoley

2016 - 2017: Vanessa Morales

2017 - 2018: Dana Hollandsworth

2018 - 2019: Craig Fuller

2019 - 2020: Michael Moore


Recognized Educator of the Year Award

Introduced in 2018, this award recognizes a DEYA applicant who also made contributions to student learning.

2017 - 2018: Eric Russell

2019 - 2020: MaryAnne Dimak

2019 - 2020: Sandra Norton