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2017 Symposium on Teaching and Learning

Below is information for this year's Symposium on Teaching and Learning. Session and workshop descriptions are included at the end of this page.

Where: Parker University Campus

When: Friday, April 21st

Registration is now OPEN for the symposium. If you are interested in attending, please click here.




Interactive Workshops


How to Use Focusing Activities to Encourage Students to Come to Class Prepared and Ready to Participate

Speaker: Dr. Barbi Honeycutt

The most frequently asked questions about the flipped classroom and other student-centered learning models is: “How do you encourage students to actually DO the pre-class work and come to class prepared?” The flipped classroom, problem-based learning, team based learning, experiential learning, inquiry guided learning, inverted instruction, case based learning…all of these models place students in the center of the learning experience. These learning environments rely heavily on student interaction, involvement, and engagement. The success of the learning experience depends on your students coming to class ready to participate and engage.

One of the simplest, yet most powerful ways to do this is to use focusing activities. Focusing activities help students make connections between the pre-class work and the in-class work and increase the likelihood that your students will be motivated come to class prepared and ready to engage. You will receive a workshop packet and access to the FLIP It Resources web site to access other tools and templates to help you create engaging learning experiences for your students.


Setting up your Students for Success

Speaker: Adam Wear

This session focuses on taking advantage of Blackboard for more than just document storage. We will cover a brief breakdown of what a student sees coming into a course, a deeper understanding of the available tools and how to use them, and a discussion of the pedagogy behind using Blackboard to enhance your face to face course.


Motivation is Not Enough:  Supporting Students in Developing the Skills for Success

Speaker: Dr. Karen Huxtable

Students bring high hopes to their pursuit of an education, but too often, they also experience obstacles that can interfere with their success.  In this workshop we will use a case study approach to identify typical obstacles and develop proactive strategies for faculty to help students.  We can improve students’ academic resilience and self-regulation and create an atmosphere that promotes help-seeking and autonomy.  Being compassionate does not require that we lower our standards.  Rather, we can help students understand what it takes to learn effectively, develop the self-discipline to do what it takes, and believe that their efforts will be successful to achieve learning outcomes. 


Continuing the Conversation

Speaker: Dr. Karen Huxtable

In this session, Dr. Huxtable will continue the conversation she start in the lunch keynote. This will be an opportunity for you to hear more about her experiences, views, and ask her questions.


Blackboard Q&A

Speaker: Adam Wear

Loved what Adam had to say in his earlier session? Want to pick his brain on how you can use Blackboard to meet the specific needs of your class? He will expand upon pedagogical approaches to making your course successful.


Reading Room

Need a calming and quiet space to start reading the book you selected from the books provided as a giveaway? At the end of the term, do you just need some time to catch up on some paper work? This space will serve as a way to “get away” from the noise and focus before diving into the sessions we have prepared for you.


Mediation Room with Chair Massages and Reflection Activities

With so many excellent sessions taking place at the Symposium, you need to pace yourself. Research shows that reflection is vital to learning. Spend part of your day reflecting on the information and skills presented in the various sessions. Take advantage of a chair massage provide by Parker University’s School of Massage Therapy.


Post-Symposium Reception

Meet-and-Greet with Dr. Lawrence

Join us as we welcome Dr. Dana Lawrence to Parker University. Light refreshments and wine, as well as other beverages options, will be provided. If you are attending Dr. Bob Cooperstein's 3:00 session, you can join us after he concludes at 5:00.


Keynote Sessions

Create an Engaging Learning Environment: 7 Flipped and Active Learning Strategies You Can do in 10 Minutes or Less to Increase Engagement and Improve Learning

Speaker: Dr. Barbi Honeycutt

Active learning and flipped classroom models encourage you to reverse the way you design the learning environment so students engage in activities, apply concepts, and focus on higher level learning outcomes during class time. But, you don’t have to re-design your entire course. By integrating a few active learning strategies to your classroom, you can increase student engagement, encourage collaboration, and improve learning and retention.

In this highly interactive keynote session, you will participate in seven different flipped and active learning strategies you can immediately apply to your class. Each of the strategies is informed by research, grounded in theory, and designed for practical application. You will receive a resource packet featuring all of the active learning strategies used in the keynote session and additional resources you can use to create successful flipped and active learning experiences for your students.


The Difference We Make

Speaker: Dr. Karen Huxtable

Whether our classes are large or small, most of us see so many students over the years that we risk losing them in the sea of names and faces.  We remember some, and some of us may even remember many, but I suggest we also need to stop and think about the ones we don’t remember.  Even if we don’t remember them, and even if they don’t remember us, all of our students have the potential to be transformed by their time with us.