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Privacy Statement

The Center for Teaching and Learning at Parker University maintains the confidentiality of the faculty with whom we work. The center will not disclose identifying information about individual faculty members who participate in CTL services and programs, including teaching consultations and teaching observations. For the purposes of reporting and strategic planning, the center shares summative, non-identifying information with department chairs, the Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, and select members of the University’s administrative team.


Throughout the year, the Center for Teaching and Learning conducts numerous interactive workshops on issues and topics relevant to faculty at Parker University. The topics for the sessions are based upon faculty input on the annual Faculty Needs Analysis. Additionally, the CTL reviews data from consultations and other sources to determine topics for workshops.

Teaching Observations

Teaching observations are an important component of faculty development. These observations can be beneficial to faculty as they;powerfully document teaching activities, encourage reflection, foster constructive dialogues, and strengthen teaching; (Millis, 2005, p. 34). Parker University's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has adopted a collaborative model of teaching observations, wherein the faculty and the observer share expertise and collaborate to develop solutions to improve teaching (Brinko, 1991). These observations must take place “in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect,” without feelings of criticism or threat (Millis, 1992, p. 190). To assist with the building of trust and respect, the faculty-observer team should meet at least once prior to the observation to discuss the goals of the observation(s).
  • Providing helpful feedback on teaching strategies, student learning, and classroom management.
  • Providing ideas for redesigning course elements or ideas for adoption of new teaching methods.
  • Assisting faculty with self-reflection of their teaching and with evaluation of the effectiveness of their teaching related to student learning outcomes.
  • Creating a culture of teaching in which faculty share and discuss teaching methods and improve on their own teaching methods.
Through the teaching observation process, the CTL seeks to provide faculty with constructive feedback that generates new ideas for effective teaching and student learning. To discuss the process, or to schedule an observation, contact the CTL at or x7417.  

Teaching Consultations

Teaching consultations are one-on-one meetings designed to meet an individual faculty member’s needs by helping them to tackle a teaching challenge or to try new teaching approaches to foster student learning. Teaching consultations can cover a variety of topics or issues, including:  

  • Writing course-level learning outcomes
  • Designing courses to enhance critical thinking
  • Creating instructional media (podcasts, videos)
  • Teaching strategies for online courses
  • Using blogs in your courses
  • Designing and creating effective rubrics
  • Teaching strategies to improve student learning
  • Improving teaching effectiveness
  • Incorporatin g formative assessment into courses

 Contact the CTL at or x7417 to schedule a teaching consultation.