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Fall 2016

Faculty Workshops

Teaching with Bloom’s Taxonomy

Thurs., Oct 27th, 11:15a-12:30p
Tues. Nov. 15th, 11:15a-12:30p 

Bloom’s taxonomy, developed in the 1950s, is a classification of learning objectives (goals we set for our students) that is useful in designing effective learning and assessment strategies. In this workshop, we will explore how you can use Bloom’s taxonomy to move students from basic skills, such as remembering, to higher-order skills, such as evaluating and creating. Participants will have an opportunity to review learning outcomes for their course(s) and to develop ideas for incorporating Bloom’s taxonomy into their instruction.

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Snack and Learns

Snack and Learns, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning, feature online webinars, yummy snacks, and great conversations. Below are the Snack and Learn sessions for fall.

Impact of Echo360 Analytics - Helping Struggling Students

Tues., Sept. 13th, 10a-11a

"Join Echo360's Senior Training and Development Specialist Chelsea Jenkins for an introductory look at how to effectively use student engagement and behavioral analytics in Echo360 to improve retention and increase overall success inside and outside the classroom."

Improving Assessments: Getting to Know ParSystem

Thurs., Sept. 15th, 10a-11a

"Looking for a better way to create and share assessments within and across departments? ParSystem is your answer. Join the webinar and learn more about how ParSystem can engage your assessment team and instructors in more efficient and reliable testing."

Expand Your Teaching Methods - Create Screencast Videos Outside the Classroom

Tues., Sept. 27th, 10a-11a

"Elena Clark, Senior Instructional Designer with Echo360, will step through the importance of engaging students inside and outside of the classroom. Elena will cover how to create screencasts and share them with students to support hybrid, blended and flipped class learning."

Building a Strong Foundation: Design and Blueprint Creation in the Assessment Development Cycle

Thurs., Sept. 29th, 10a-11a

"Is a strong assessment only as good as its items? Can an assessment with solid items have flaws?

Strong assessments require careful planning to ensure that the items truly assess what is being taught. Designing a thorough plan and a specific blueprint are necessary when creating strong assessments that will ultimately provide instructors, trainers, and administrators with valuable data.

This webinar focuses on the foundational elements needed to develop a high quality assessment:

  • Building blocks to developing a strong assessment.
  • Decisions and considerations that need to be made when planning an assessment.
  • Steps for developing an assessment blueprint."

Holiday Teaching Exchange

Tues, Dec. 6th, 12p-1:30p

The Center for Teaching and Learning is excited to continue a Parker tradition, the Holiday Teaching Exchange, an opportunity for Parker University faculty to share and discuss effective teaching strategies while enjoying lunch, holiday cookies, and hot chocolate. To participate in the event, faculty must submit at least one activity or strategy they have used to write my paper today, or plan to use, in any of their courses. If you plan to submit an idea and attend, please RSVP using the link provided. Additional information and a template for submitting strategies or activities will be provided later in fall for those who RSVP.

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Crucial Conversations

Session 1, Friday, Dec. 2nd, 1p-5p
Session 2, Friday, Dec. 9th, 1p-5p
Session 3, Friday, Dec. 16th, 9a-1p

As a faculty or staff member, you’ve likely been involved in dozens of crucial conversations throughout your career. What is a crucial conversation? A crucial conversation “is a discussion between two or more people where the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.” Remember that student that confronted you in your office about their grade and stormed out upset? Or how about that time when you and your supervisor disagreed over performance ratings and you said a few things you now regret saying. Perhaps it was when a colleague said something you felt was highly inappropriate, but you chose to ignore it and now you feel awkward around them. These are all examples of crucial conversations - ones that were “handled poorly or ignored” and resulted in “strained relationships and dismal results.”

In this interactive, multi-part workshop series you will learn “skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics - at all levels of your organization.”

After attending all 3 sessions, participants will possess the skills needed to communicate effectively in challenging situations and possess the confidence needed to approach and manage difficult interactions. Those who complete all sessions will receive a certification of completion verifying they have been trained in the VitalSmarts Crucial Conversations approach.
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