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Tri UG


Biology of Cells and Tissues


Business Principles I


Chiropractic Principles/Philosophy I


Clinical Concepts I


Fundamentals of Diagnostic Imaging


Human Embryology


Research Methods


Systemic Anatomy 

Biochemistry I
Clinical Concepts II
Clinical Biomechanics
Gross Anatomy I
Normal Radiographic Anatomy
Palpation/Skeletal Anatomy
Physiology I

Tri 3

Chiropractic Principles/Philosophy IIcool
Extra Spinal Analysis/Technique
Gross Anatomy II
Physiology II
Public Health and Immunology

Tri 5
Bone Pathology I
Clinical Concepts III (previously Clinic V Lecture)
Clinical Neurology
Lab Diagnosis I
Pathology II
Thompson/Upper Cervical
Wellness Concepts

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National Board Review Notes
Part II
Part III
Part IV