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Standard Process Student Activity Center


The Standard Process Student Activity Center serves as both the social hub of the campus as well as a state-of-the-art training center for Parker University students, faculty, staff and alumni. A 30,000 square foot facility, the Activity Center has been a part of the Parker landscape since 1992 and currently hosts sporting events, assemblies, lecturers, exercise classes, and meetings for a wide-range of campus organizations. The facility is staffed by a full-time Director of Athletics and Recreation, an Assistant Activity Center Director and as many as 15 student workers. 

The two-story complex, the Activity Center welcomes more than 250 students daily to a first floor that includes a computer center, lounge, treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bicycles, state-of-the-art weight room, full-length basketball court, and two volleyball courts. Upstairs, the center features four ping-pong tables, three pool tables, two foosball tables, a game-room for X-Box 360 and Nintendo Wii, an exercise room with an overhead projector to display many available exercise videos, and locker rooms for both men and women equipped with saunas. The center is dotted with a dozen high definition flat-screen televisions connected to a satellite feed as well as action posters of Parker students competing in all Chiro Games sports.

With a focus on overall good health and wellness, the Activity Center caters to exercise classes, including burst training, P90X, yoga, martial arts, dance and aerobics.

The Activity Center also houses the headquarters for both athletics and recreation for the University. The Office of Athletics and Recreation fields 13 teams that compete in the annual Chiro Games (against the other 16 Chiropractic Colleges coast to coast) with teams in flag football, tennis, distance running, ice hockey, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, swimming, softball, golf, table tennis, ultimate frisbee and beach volleyball. Intramural programs include basketball, softball and volleyball.

     Chiro Games


ParkerFIT Functional Fitness Performance Center

ParkerFIT Functional Fitness Performance Center is a 7,000 sqft facility located at the Parker University campus in Dallas, Texas. ParkerFIT offer specialized functional movement and high-intensity training for students, employees and alumni. All classes are taught by qualified and trained Parker University students. ParkerFIT also houses a new state-of-the-art digital screening technology called Kinetisense. Athletes can receive a screening, corrective action treatment and be referred to the Parker University Chiropractic Wellness Clinic and/or Massage Clinic. ParkerFIT will periodically hosts specialized certification classes in different functional movement modalities.


A complete listing of all classes is available on the message board on the second floor of the activity center. 

Anyone interested in teaching an exercise, dance, self-defense, aerobics, yoga or wellness class, please contact Steve Weller, Athletic Director, Ext. 7159.




Activity Center Hours

The Activity Center is currently closed due to COVID 19 restrictions

First Floor

Equipment can be checked out at front desk with valid student I.D

  • State-of-the Art Weight Room with free weights and Cybex Machines
  • Six Basketball Goals
  • Two Volleyball Courts
  • Satellite TVs
  • Lounge
  • Sports and Chiropractic Publications
  • Computer Center 
  • Four Treadmills
  • Three Elliptical Machines
  • Stationary Bikes and Recumbent Bikes
  • Two Water-Filled Rowing Machines
  • Stair Stepper and Jacobs Ladder

Second Floor

  • Billiard Tables
  • Ping Pong Tables
  • Video Games Room (x-Box 360 and Nintendo Wii)
  • Foosball Tables
  • Exercise/Aerobics Room
  • Satellite TVs
  • Overhead Projection System 
  • Tables, Chairs
  • Men's and Women's Locker Rooms
  • Men's and Women's Saunas


ParkerFIT Hours of Operation

Parker Fit is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions

The activity center facility is intended to be used by the Parker University family only. This includes faculty, staff, students, alumni, and immediate family members 18 years of age or older.

Children under 18-years-old must be accompanied by Parker family member at all times.

  • Towels are provided in weight room and all locker rooms
  • NO food or drink in any part of the Activity Center 
  • Campus telephone is available in the Computer Center
  • Elevator and handicap bathroom facilities are available

Click here to view additional center rules.

For more information contact: Steve Weller, Director of Athletics and Recreation, Ext. 7159.

ParkerFIT Sign-Up and Rules

The ParkerFIT Gym is intended to be used by the Parker University family only. This includes faculty, staff, students, alumni, and immediate family members 18 years of age or older.

All users my sign a waiver before use of the facility.

All members must register for use of the facility and must sign-up for a 4-day on-ramp program.