Can I bring my desktop home to work from there?

Please see the following questions in the IT section for more info:

How long will we be online?

Until the health departments suspend the ban on large gatherings of people. This could extend into the start of the next trimester.

Can I still have office hours on campus?

It is recommended that you have office hours via Teams or Collaborate. You may work from campus but do not require students to meet with you.

Can I just have the online departments put all of last trimesters lectures in my course?

No, our resources are limited, and you need to update your own courses. The faculty guide includes a list of Faculty Mentors. There is also a Faculty Resource page on MyParker with How-To Guides for you. There are resources available on the CTL-101 Blackboard course as well as YouTube for both Echo and Blackboard.

I’m not comfortable using Blackboard, what should I do?

First, review the Faculty Resource page on MyParker and watch the resources on the CTL-101 course and YouTube. If you need additional help and guidance reach out to the faculty mentors listed in the Rapid Transition to Online Learning guide that was sent 3/13/2020 regarding quickly shifting to online. Only after you have attempted on your own and recruited the help of mentors, then you may reach out to

Am I stuck with my current syllabus and calendar?

Your learning objectives and course descriptions should not change, your grade weighting, assessments and learning activities should change to reflect our current situation.

What should I tell the students?

“Clear is kind”. Communicate all course changes using the Blackboard announcement feature and send a copy via email.

Do we have to do quizzes like we did during the tornado?

Each class needs 3 touch points to confirm students are attending and engaging with your class material. The list of activities that automatically take attendance are in the Rapid Transition to Online Learning guide. Quizzes are one of several options.

Please work with other faculty to create consistent deadlines so students do not have to keep up with due dates and times that vary.

What if a student doesn’t do the online touchpoints for my class?

Students will be administratively withdrawn after 10 days of non-attendance (participation) so if they are not participating in your class, you should reach out to the student directly. If this doesn’t get a response or a change in behavior, send an Early Alert.

I don’t know what to do first!?! Help!

Print your course calendar for each of your classes as well as the learning objectives.

Ask yourself, what would be acceptable evidence that the students have achieved these outcomes? Then design your online assessments.

Next, build online activities that allow students to practice the skills they will need to demonstrate later, you will need to provide feedback, so I recommend you build a rubric to make feedback easier.


I am an employee working from home. What tool do I use to meet with my team?

The university will be using Microsoft Teams for remote meetings. Contact your supervisor to make sure you have the correct access to his/her Teams group.


Information Technology Remote Work Resources FAQ


Q:  What technology is available to facilitate teaching online?

A: The Faculty Resources page on MyParker is your most up-to-date source for information on the many tools and resources available to support faculty in getting online fast. Academic Leadership and Online Learning have also created the Rapid Transition to Online Learning document as another resource to assist instructors in getting their courses online.  


Q: If I have a Parker-issued laptop, can I take it home?

A: Yes! If you have a Parker-issued laptop as your primary work computer, you are authorized to take it home for work as usual


Q: I only have a desktop computer at work, can I take it home?

A: No, please do not take your desktop computer home. Many faculty and staff have access to a personal computer that they regularly use for remote work in the evenings, weekends, etc.  Parker IT provides all the tools necessary to allow you to configure your home computer for working remotely and accessing all of the Parker resources you need.

If you do not have access to a computer that you are comfortable using in a remote work situation, please contact your supervisor to discuss the best option for you and begin the approval process. Your Vice President will assess the request and send approvals to IT. The Service Desk will not issue loaner laptops without VP approval.


Q: I need a monitor/printer/webcam/keyboard/mouse to take home - can I take the one from my office?

A: If there is a business need to take any IT equipment home, please get with your supervisor and have them contact the Service Desk – – and include Taylor Randle – IT has some of this equipment available for loan. If approved, IT will need to document what is being taken off-campus.  


Q: Can I use my home computer to work remotely?

A:  Yes, with some caveats:

  • If you work with patient information, student information, or other highly sensitive information, please make sure you are connected to the VPN and follow all security standards, including encryption where required. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk at 214.902.2430 to discuss your options.
  • You may need specific software that isn’t available for installation on your home computer. Please see the question, “Will I be able to access Jenzabar EX, Visual Outcomes, and other Parker-specific applications and tools from home?” below. If you still have questions, contact the Parker Service Desk at 214.902.2430 to discuss the best options for your situation.


Q: I don’t have a home computer; can I get a laptop to work remotely?

A:   In anticipation of the increased need, the Service Desk is preparing a limited number of laptops and other equipment for loan.  Requests for these systems must be made through your supervisor, and final approval for loaner computers must come from your Vice President to IT. The IT Service Desk must have VP approval before a loaner laptop will be issued.


Q:  Do I need to be concerned about the Internet service package I have at home:

A:  This depends on the package as well as the number of people who are simultaneously using your home Internet connection.  If you are trying to work from home and several other people in your home are streaming movies or playing online games, your connection (and theirs) will likely be degraded.


If you are using Teams and the connection is poor, you may want to turn video off and only use the audio only option which consumes less bandwidth.  These are just a couple of examples of things you should be aware of when working from home. If you still have questions, please contact the Parker University Service Desk at 214.902.2430.


Q: Are there security issues that I should know about if I am working remotely?

A: As always, best practices, common sense, and your best judgement should be used when conducting any business online – whether personal or for the University. For the latest tips on staying safe online, check out this year’s required information security awareness course here

Now, more than ever, it is important to be vigilant when checking email or conducting business online. Any time something receives a lot of coverage in the news – such as a virus outbreak – cybercriminals try to take advantage of people’s fears and trick them into clicking on links, opening malicious attachments, or giving out their confidential information. Please be careful when opening anything related to the Coronavirus, including emails, attachments / files, any social media links, or even texts on your phone. For more information, see Social Engineering Red FlagsHow to Spot a Bad Attachment, and be sure to take this year’s required information security awareness course.

Increased remote work can increase challenges to information security, please be aware of the University’s Remote AccessAcceptable Use, and all other University policies.


Q: Will I be able to access Jenzabar EX, Visual Outcomes, and other Parker-specific applications and tools from home?

A:  Yes! The method for accessing these applications and tools depends on the specific application or resource you need to access. For example, some on-campus IT resources require the use of Virtual Private Networking (VPN), a tool that provides encryption between your computer and campus resources. Instructions on how to get started are below:


Installing and Connecting to the Global Protect VPN


Using RemoteApps to access Parker Apps remotely


Connecting to University network drives from a personal device


Q: What collaboration tools are available when in-person meetings aren’t an option?

A: The Parker Service Desk recommends Microsoft Teams. Teams is available to all University faculty, staff, and students at no cost. Teams enables you to facilitate online audio/video conferencing for meetings, classes, and other group work. Teams has apps that work on iOS and Android, desktop clients for both Windows and Mac, and works right in your browser for other devices such as Chromebooks.


Q: What’s the best way to save files and share files with my team?


A: Files should always be saved to the T or H Drive. To access the T or H drive from home, please follow these instructions: Connecting to University network drives from a personal device.


You can also use Microsoft OneDrive to save and share work files. OneDrive enables your files to be available from wherever you may work and on virtually any device! Using OneDrive will ensure that your files are protected, as well as available for off-network use. (No VPN Required) More information on OneDrive may be found: OneDrive Basics


If you have questions on accessing your files, please contact the Service Desk for more information.


Q: What is the best way to receive my work phone calls if I’m away from my office?

A: If you would like calls to be forwarded from your desk phone to your personal or Parker-issued cell phone. Please contact the Service Desk at 214.902.2430 or to set this up. 

For additional instructions on how to check your desk phone’s voicemail and more, please see these instructions: CallPilot Instructions

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please call the Service Desk at 214.902.2430 or email us at