New Student Orientation Leader

Volunteer Description and Commitment


Mission Statement for New Patriot Orientation

“Orientation is the best opportunity for Parker University to introduce a strong learning environment, build the foundations for academic success, welcome students to campus, promote student interactions with their  cohort, and convey the values and traditions of their new university.”

Orientation Leader

The Orientation Leader is a leadership opportunity that involves planning, preparing and organizing New Student Orientation Sessions. This student must be able to think outside of the box, be creative and think of new ideas and work on a team. This position includes project management tasks as well as administrative tasks. The Patriot Orientation Leader must serve on the new student orientation committee and will have to present ideas and information to the committee. This student should be able to gather ideas and thoughts from the committee and transform them into events for New Student Orientation. The student will have to work closely with the Parker University, staff, faculty and students.

  • Communicate professionally via phone, e-mail and in person
  • Work well on a team
  • Knowledgeable of Parker University
  • Work as a team with the Parker University staff and faculty, and the New Student Orientation committee
  • Be able to complete work in a timely matter
  • Understand training needs of Orientation Leaders
  • Ability to present to a group
  • Express ideas and thoughts to the group and/or committee
  • Assist in the training process of new Orientation Leaders


Desired Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to balance a variety of activities, including academics and extra-curricular activities.
  • Be a full-time Parker University student.
  • Be in good academic (GPA 2.75) and disciplinary standing.
  • Possess strong communication skills.
  • Have the ability to problem solve and manage conflict.
  • Be a positive role model for incoming students.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Non-paid position, volunteer only.
  • Orientation Leader uniform shirts
  • OTA Students- Receive Professional Development credit

Mandatory Time Commitments
if you are selected to serve as a Patriot Orientation Leader, you MUST commit to all of the following

  • Participate in all Patriot Orientation Leader trainings, dates set prior to start of Tri
  • New Orientation Leaders attend a mandatory training on the Wednesday prior to Orientation (in person orientations only)
  • Returning Orientation Leaders must assist with set-up, which occurs Wednesday afternoon prior to Orientation (in person orientation only)
  • Actively participate in two of the New Student Orientation Dates


Application to be an orientation leader for the Summer 2021 and beyond start

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