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Enrollment Agreement Form
Enrollment Agreement Form (.docx, 43K)
MBA/HCM Enrollment Agreement (.docx, 42K)
Transcript Authorization
  • Parker University will order transcripts for applicants from all institutions necessary to make an admission decision.
  • Parker will review transcripts and issue a decision with 48 hours of receiving all transcripts.
  • Transcript Authorization Release Form (.pdf, 34K)
    Transfer Forms
     If you are planning to transfer to Parker University from another Chiropractic Institution, please print this form and have your current institution fill out and return to Parker University.
    Transfer Student Academic Status (.pdf, 16K)
    Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
    Registrar's Office Forms
    Add/Drop Form (.pdf, 164K)
    Schedule Change Request (.pdf, 232K)
    Withdrawal From School Form (.pdf, 89K)
    Student Request Form (.pdf, 85K)
    VA Enrollment Certification Request Form (.pdf, 157K)
    Change of Major (.pdf, 92K)
    Re-Entry Form (Non-DC) (.pdf, 126K)
    Meningitis Vaccination Forms
    Meningitis Vaccination Verification Form (.pdf, 126K)
    If you are enrolling as a new student, your Parker University Id will be the same as the number you use to log into your MyParker account.
    Meningitis Vaccination Exemption Form (.pdf, 67K)
    Meningitis Exemption Form - Reasons of Conscience (.pdf, 31K)
    This form must be filled out and Notarized if you are claiming a Meningococcal Vaccine exemption due to reasons of conscience.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.