Winter 2020 Honor Code Ceremony

Honor Code Convocation is a concluding event to orientation for Parker Tri 1 chiropractic students. This special ceremony marks the transition from an undergraduate program to the privileges and responsibilities of doctorate level study. Students and their families will be welcomed into the Parker family with a brief history of the University, Dr. Parker’s vision for chiropractic, as well as hear from a guest speaker about the importance of integrity within the chiropractic profession. Students will then recite the chiropractic oath, take an honor code, and are publicly introduced as they walk across the Parker stage. Family and friends of the student are highly encouraged to attend this event, as well as mingle with other faculty, staff, and students at Parker University before and after the ceremony.



Honor Code Ceremony

Date: January 21
Social: 5:00 pm, Donovan Lounge
Ceremony: 5:30 pm, Standard Process Activity Center



Dress Code: Professional Attire ( Recommendations:: Suite with tie, dresses or skirts of appropriate length, tops without plunging necklines. This is educational achievement being celebrated with your future professors, peers, and family. Some bending may occur when signing your pledge and code.)