New Student Orientation-Doctor of Chiropractic
Updated 6/9/2021
Congratulations on your decision to become a student at Parker University! We believe you have made the right decision, and we hope you are excited about the wonderful learning experiences and challenges that await you.
Things to know about your New Student Orientation:
  1. Complete the DC Orientation Packet. The packet is required before registration in Trimester One courses and should be completed by August 6, 2021 (MyParker login and password are required). Fall 2021 Orientation will be entirely online as of this update. If any changes to this occur, it will be communicated via email to all incoming students.
  2. Successful completion of New Student Orientation requires the completion of all content quizzes with a score of 75 or greater and the completion of the New Student Orientation survey (available via email and in your Blackboard course after your Winter courses have begun). 
    1. This orientation will take several hours to complete, but can be done in multiple sittings. 
    2. EverFi is also required as part of New Student Orientation. You will receive information about EverFi in your email and within your Blackboard course.
  3. We anticipate New Student Orientation will open to all REGISTERED new students by 8/9/2021 at 9AM.
    1. Most programs will have a Welcome and Q&A session- The day and time for this session will be announced as we get closer to Orientation. This will be a 1-2 hour session with current students and your Program Director or the Dean of your college. These will be recorded for reference and added to your online course after they have been completed. 

You are about to begin your career in chiropractic at the best college in the country, and we look forward to helping you achieve great success. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Student Affairs at

Listed below are instructions on how to attend online orientation when the class is available to you:

You can access your online orientation by clicking on this link:     


On the login page, enter your Parker username and password (sent to you by the IT department). This is the same username and password you will use to access MyParker, Parker e-mail, and wifi.


On the My Courses window, select the Online Student Orientation course link to access the new student orientation presentations. To successfully complete the online orientation, go through all materials and take the content quizzes.

If you have trouble logging into MyParker or MyParker Learn, e-mail our service desk at . Phone support (214.902.2430) is available Mon-Fri and Sat 8am-4pm. 

Parker Prep-Workshop Information Summer 2021

DC Orientation RSVP & Packet
    Orientation Packet - DC  
Fill out your Orientation RSVP and Student Information Packet

Fall 2021

Online portion opens August 9, 2021



Tentative Dates for Future Orientations:



These dates are subject to change


There are no Handouts for this set.

Summer 2021 Honor Code Ceremony

Honor Code Convocation is a concluding event to orientation for Parker Tri 1 chiropractic students. This special ceremony marks the transition from an undergraduate program to the privileges and responsibilities of doctorate level study. Students and their families will be welcomed virtually into the Parker family with a brief history of the University, Dr. Parker’s vision for chiropractic, as well as hear from a guest speaker about the importance of integrity within the chiropractic profession. Students will then recite the chiropractic oath, take an honor code, and are publicly introduced through our virtual system. Family and friends of the student are highly encouraged to join us this event. Information on how to participate will be disseminated to the Tri 1 DC Students via their email.



Honor Code Ceremony

Date: June 28th
Virtual Event via Marching Order
Ceremony Opens: 5:00PM- event will stay open and available for an entire year



Dress Code: This event is currently virtual with no requirement for a webcam. At this time, there is no dress code expectations for the event while campus is under COVID-19 restrictions. 


When event is hosted on campus: Professional Attire ( Recommendations: Suite with tie, dresses or skirts of appropriate length, tops without plunging necklines. This is educational achievement being celebrated with your future professors, peers, and family. If any accommodations are needed please contact Sierra Jones at