Parker University Emergency Warning System

Parker University uses Blackboard Connect to send out mass email and text notifications. These warning are sent by the Parker University Security Department or Parker University Executive Cabinet Members. 

Parker University has a number of ways to communicate an immediate threat to the health and safety of our students and employees. In the event of an actual emergency, the Security Department will initiate the emergency response. The Incident Commander, Security Director, and I.T. Department will all have access to the Blackboard Connect Notification System. The notification options will allow for alerts to be sent through phone messages, emails, and phone texts. 

The decision for the method of notification depends on the type of threat it presents to the campus. Additional methods used for dissemination of information are the public address system and assemblies. The notifications are conducted without delay upon receiving confirmation from security or another appropriate entity “unless” it is determined that such information will adversely impact the outcome of the event, victim, or compromise law enforcement efforts. 


All notification of a significant emergency will be sent to the entire campus due to the close proximity of the buildings and the regular interaction of all members of the campus community.


Emergency Response


The moment the “Emergency Notification” or “Timely Warning” is activated, the Response Team Members will be notified and report to the designated command center. The Security Director, Incident Commander, and Provost will determine an appropriate response.


The Parker Executive Team will coordinate with the Incident Commander, Marketing Team, Human Resource, and I.T. Department in order to formulate and disseminate current information to the local news media, radio, and the University “MyParker” website.

If either the Emergency Notification or Timely Warning is deemed necessary and local law enforcement is called to the campus, they will take over the command and determine the course of action as deemed necessary. 


It is also important to know the difference between an “Emergency Notification” and “Timely Warnings”. A Timely warning can be used for crimes described in the Clery Act such as criminal homicide, aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, robbery, etc. The Emergency Notification is much broader and applies to an ongoing emergency that may have a prolonged and dangerous consequence to health and safety of others. Some examples used for the notification would be severe weather, gas leaks, hazardous chemical spills, active shooter, etc.


The decision to issue a campus wide notification is delegated to one of the following: President, VP Chief Operating Officer, Provost, Chief Information Officer.


Update Emergency Notification


In order to receive an emergency notification all students must update their e-mail account on MyParker website, under the Student Services Tab. Please highlight + Ctrl and click on the link to enter current information.


Evacuation Drills


An evacuation drill is designed to prepare the campus community for an unexpected emergency evacuation. The exercise will familiarize each member with building exits, locations, as well as identify weaknesses in the evacuation strategy and communication procedures. Although, it is important to keep in mind that each incident has its own factors and may require students, staff, and faculty to take alternate paths to the designated assembly points. The evacuation drill will be performed on an annual basis and formally recorded in the H.R. Department.



Encouraging feedback is welcomed to improve upon the effectiveness of the drill. A survey form will be placed on MyParker website after the evacuation drill under the Campus Life Tap.

Timely Warning Notifications