Roommate and Housing Resources

A wide variety of living accommodations are available in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Information about apartments that offer student discounts, houses to buy or rent, rooms, and roommates is compiled and maintained in the Department of Student Affairs, East Building, Suite 200. 

Student Affairs also maintains a list of students and prospective students that would like to find a roommate and/or who simply need assistance in locating housing accommodations. To add your name to that list and have your information forwarded to one of our local real estate agents who can assist you, please complete the Roommate Form. Please note that we do not match students for roommates. We simply provide a forum for those who are seeking housing and/or roommates to assist you in your search.

Remember to check the Roommates & Housing Board (below) regularly for updates, and download the Housing Information Resources Sheet (below). 

Also, be sure to check out the Parker University Student Classifieds on Facebook.


Submission Requests  

If you are interested in sharing an apartment or house with another student(s), or you need assistance in locating housing, complete and submit the Roommate Form to have your information posted on the Roommate & Housing Bulletin Board below. This information will also be posted in our student lounge area on campus and forwarded to one of our local real estate agents who can assist you in locating housing accommodations. Please include any additional information you wish to have included in your post in the “Other preferences” section of the form.  

Please note “NO PHONE CALLS” if you do not wish to have your phone number posted.

FOR RENT--Houses & Duplexes & Move-in Specials
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Houses & Duplexes for Rent
0 3/11/2024 2:05:57 PM
Seeking Housing Only-No Roommates
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Seeking Housing Only-No Roommates
0 11/29/2022 11:28:40 AM
Roommate Wanted-No Gender Preference
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Roommates & Housing Wanted-No Gender Preference
3 7/15/2024 7:38:12 PM
Roommate Wanted-No Gender Preference
2 7/15/2024 8:02:33 PM
Interested in Rooming with Females
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Female Roommates & Housing Needed
7 7/15/2024 8:03:46 PM
Female Roommate Wanted
1 4/8/2024 4:31:55 PM
Interested in Rooming With Males
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Male Roommates & Housing Needed
5 7/15/2024 8:05:23 PM
Male Roommate Wanted
0 6/21/2023 1:36:05 PM