The mission of the Department of Student Affairs is to provide services and co-curricular opportunities that promote intellectual, emotional, physical, personal, professional, and leadership development, while educating students on their rights and responsibilities as members of Parker.
The Department of Student Affairs includes the Offices of Administrative Services, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Success and Retention, Student Programs and Traditions, Counseling Services, Career Services and Athletics and Recreation, and the Student Senate.


Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is revised and distributed each year by the Department of Student Affairs. Each student is individually responsible for knowledge of current policies, regulations and procedures as contained in the Student Handbook, the Catalog, and other documents of the University.

New Student Orientation

“Orientation is the best opportunity for Parker University to introduce a strong learning environment, build the foundations for academic success, welcome students to campus, promote student interactions with their cohort, and convey the values and traditions of their new university.”

Click for more information on the new student orientation.


Career Services

The Department of Student Affairs compiles and maintains a list of off-campus job opportunities, both part-time and full-time. Frequently, businesses will call the college seeking full-time and part-time employees.  For more information on these opportunities or Career Services, please contact Krichey02@parker.edu.


Student Success

The Office of Student Success is dedicated to ensuring that you, the student, have the necessary supports – both inside and outside of the classroom – to fully realize your potential at Parker University. By supporting you when you face obstacles associated with adjusting to your chosen program, the Office of Student Success assists you in making connections with Parker.

For more information please email Alaina Mount at amount@parker.edu.


International Student Office

The International Student Advisor assists international students and maintains files of the required and necessary documents and is located in the Enrollment Department.

Health Insurance

Parker University does not offer student health insurance. Students interested in purchasing health insurance can contact the following agents to get quotes on individual plans and to get information on plans available through the state for which some students may qualify:  

Agent Larry Blackmon with US Health Advisors www.ushagent.com/larryeblackmon  972-217-0987 


Also, please visit The Health Insurance Marketplace for information on affordable health insurance options for which you may qualify.


Telehealth Discount Plan

As a Parker university student, you automatically become enrolled in a telehealth discount plan that is provided by the University. The telehealth plan is not health insurance. It is a discount plan that is available to students. All students are automatically entered into the system, but students must go online to complete registration and set up their account and add dependents*.  

You can visit MyBenefitsWork.com or download the My Benefits Work Mobile app to set up your benefits. You will need to use the member ID and group number provided in the email you received to register.  A member card will be mailed to the address you provide at enrollment.

*Link to the form to add dependents:


This form is only for parents and siblings in your household. This form is not for adding spouses and dependent children. These need to be added in the account you create when you register. 


Is there a cost?

  • No. It is covered in your student fees.

Is it a health insurance plan?

  • No. It is a telemedicine plan.

What can I do with a telemedicine plan?

  • You receive 24/7 access to speak to a physician for a telehealth consult. They will assess your condition over the phone and can provide medication as needed. There is no copay or charge for this telehealth visit. You receive 24/7 access to counseling for no charge and discounts on prescriptions, vision, dental and alternative medicine. It does not affect any health insurance plan you may currently have.

Who is covered?

  • Currently enrolled students are covered. Spouses and children of students are also covered at no additional cost. For those of you who do not have spouses and dependent children, you have the option of adding parents and siblings to your student health plan account for no additional charge.

Answers to most other questions can be found in the information provided when you register.

If you have any questions you may contact our designated representative Tamika west at 1-800-8304 ext 1690 daily until 7pm. 

Licensure and State Boards

Please consult the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards for information and requirements for chiropractic state board licensure. Persons interested in state board licensure information should contact the governing board for the area in which he/she wishes to practice.