Meet our Mascot!

Meet JP!

Name: JP (named after Dr. James Parker himself)

Occupation: Professional Entertainer

Favorite Colors: Blue and Orange

Favorite Song: Parker University School Song

About JP: JP joined us as Parker University in the Fall of 2017 and quickly became a member of the Student Affairs family. You will most often see him meeting potential patriots at Parker Power, or cheering on students during the ParkerFIT games. Like many mascots, JP communicates via hand gestures, rather than speech. 

Requesting a Mascot

Our Mascot, JP, is able to be requested for a variety of events. You often times see JP at Orientation, Parker Power Weekends, Open House events, School spirit events, and many more! 

JP is manned solely by a highly selective group of students who have had education on what it means to be an impactful mascot! Our student identities are kept a secret, and we take that seriously! Our students are volunteers, and truly enjoy the impact that being JP can have on both our campus and our community, they take great pride in being the "face" of Parker University.


To request the mascot, please complete the request form here


Keep in mind that availability is subject to our student's availability, so weekends or events during a typical class time may not be able to be accommodated, please keep this in mind for your request.