ParkerFit Functional Fitness Performance Center

ParkerFit Functional Fitness Performance Center is a 23,000 square foot facility located on Parker University campus in Dallas, Texas. ParkerFit offers a variety of functional movement and high-intensity training for students and employees. All classes are taught by qualified and trained Parker University students.  ParkerFit will periodically host specialized certification classes in different functional movement modalities.

ParkerFit is currently open to students and employees. All Covid-19 rules and regulations must be followed while on campus, this includes ParkerFit.  

Our current hours of operation are as follows:


Monday - Thursday 530am-9pm

Friday 530am-6pm

Saturday -Sunday 8am-2pm

*special exceptions will be made for holidays. 

As a way to engage our students, faculty, and staff ParkerFit will run a variety of health-related challenges throughout the year. Please check in to see what events are coming up.