The Office of Student Success and Retention is committed to providing quality services to all of its students. Parker students with a disability that significantly impairs their functioning in a particular area may qualify for disability services after completing the eligibility determination process. Many students may have concerns that they will be viewed differently if their disability is revealed to those employed at an academic institution. The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) and Rehabilitation Acts were created to protect students from discrimination based solely on their disability. Nevertheless, the stigma is still perceived to be present. That is why the confidentiality of services is a top priority of the Office of Student Success and Retention. Only the Dean of Student Development, yourself, your instructor, and employees with a legitimate need to know will have information pertaining to your disability. The Dean of Student Development and your instructor will work together after the assessment process is complete in order to determine the type and amount of services that you will require. To begin this process or request please contact the Dean of Student Development:
Alaina Mount M.S.
Dean of Student Development
Department of Student Affairs
Parker University
East 274
972-438-6932 ext. 7156
214-674-3285 (cell)   

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