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Workshop Descriptions

Anxiety & Stress Toolbox Workshop, w/Dr Elbel

Dr Elbel discusses causes of anxiety as well as several techniques to reduce this very common problem. Whether you are more anxious by nature or because of particular situations, evidence-based approaches to relieve anxiety are presented.  

Overcome Procrastination--Tomorrow, w/Dr. Elbel

Procrastination has many causes including perfectionism. Many procrastinator believe that leaving tasks until the last minute improves their performance. This myth and others are discussed as well as solutions to this self-sabotaging habit.

Coping with COVID Fatigue, w/Dr. Elbel

Explore a unique approach to dealing with the emotions, frustrations and fears of this pandemic by differentiating between what is under our control from what is not. You will learn skills to improve coping and decrease your stress response. Many resources are available on this page (at the bottom of the workshop list to the left). 

Overcome Imposter Phenomenon, w/Dr. Elbel

Many people wrestle with the false belief that they do not deserve to be where they are and they are on the brink of being unmasked as the imposter in their position. These beliefs are not consistent with actual expertise. 7 strategies are presented to reduce the impact these beliefs have on our lives. This phenomenon is discussed with clinic interns for the workshop but the strategies are useful for any setting. The workshop link is at the bottom of the list to your left. You must be logged on to MyParker to view.

Stress Management and Using Temperament for Success, w/Dr. Elbel

This workshop addresses two areas. The first is keeping stress as low as possible to facilitate learning. Secondly, you will learn about your Jung personality type and how to make use of your individual traits personally and professionally. You will also incorporate best study habits based on your personality type. The test link below is to a site where you can take a 72 item test which takes 10-15 minutes. Please take the Jung typology test on this site. It is free.   When you get your results, please make a note of your type and the strength of your preferences. (For example, my type is INFP and the strength of preferences is 50%, 63%, 45% and 1%.) If you get a 1% on any of the four areas, please let me know ( and I will let you know if you need to take a tie-breaking test (which is more fun than the original). Most students find this very interesting and fun. BTW, you may enjoy having your family and friends take this test as well and learning about them also!

The link:

Study Skills and Time Management, w/Stratton Poulson

Learn the most effective and efficient ways to study and learn and to use time management techniques to find more hours in your day. Research-based approaches to learning and memory will be outlined. The goal of this workshop is to identify how to learn efficiently. Stratton Poulson, tri 6, is a tutor. He will discuss how to adapt learning strategies to each Parker course. 

Test Taking Skills w/Stratton Poulson

Successful test taking is, in part, strategy. Stratton will share time-tested testing techniques which will help students demonstrate what they have learned and increase their grades.

Sleep Smarter—Be Smarter, w/Dr. Elbel

Sleep is an underappreciated learning tool. Find out how sleep affects memory, mood and health. Learn how to improve sleep and how to fit your sleep schedule to Parker time and solve common sleep problems. 

Overcome Test Anxiety, w/Dr. Elbel

Students who suffer from test anxiety rarely realize that nerves are causing the problem.   Anxiety can interfere with memory causing students to go blank and subsequently be unable to recall previously learned material. The student may miss easy questions or display the “deer in the headlights” look. At times students describe teaching the material out in the hall and then getting it wrong on the test. These are all examples of test anxiety. The good news is that test anxiety is an easily remedied problem if the person realizes he/she has test anxiety. I will discuss ways to overcome test anxiety including nervousness associated with written and practical exams. 

National Boards Game Plan w/Stephany Uc and Dr. Elbel

Knowing what to expect at National Board Exams goes a long way to reduce the anxiety inherent with this experience. Stephany Uc will explain details of what to bring, what to wear and what to do on test day. She will also discuss strategies for success on boards. A significant portion of success also depends on keeping energy up and anxiety low. Dr. Elbel will give you the details needed to reduce your anxiety during the exam so that you can think clearly and answer questions accurately. 

Student Success Workshop: Time Management, Study Tips, and Self-Care w/ Dr. Newell, Laura Randolph, and Dr. Elbel

This presentation gives an overview of some basic time management, study tips, and ideas for self-care for all Parker University students.