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Parker University supports more than 20 students organizations. These organizations strive to encompass all fields taught at Parker University in addition to other interests you may have as a student. Don't see one you are interested in? That's ok, start your own! Please contact Student Affairs at for more information, starting a new organization can be easy and be a great way to help shape your fellow students here at Parker University.
Club Representative Officer Email
Animal Chiro President Noelle White
  Vice President Haley Martinez
  Treasurer Jessica Casey
  Secretary Natasha Wrinkle
Applied Kinesiology Club President Colbey C. Fife
  Vice President Alex Eby
  Treasurer Kristyon Saunders
  Secretary Justin "JC" Allen
Evidence-based Chiro Club President Angelina Caride
  Vice President Alex Crouch
  Secretary Ryland Hathaway
  Public Relations Amorak langsy
Gonstead Club President Michael "Dillon" Luterek
  Vice President Rhamy Kamel
  Treasurer Cameron Pineda
  Ambassador Monica Carnera
Motion Palpation Club President Tyson Stromberg
  Vice President Dylan Schulze
  Officer Dylan Despain
  Treasurer Kassi McPherson
Neurology Club President  Jasmine Bonner
  Treasurer Haley Martinez
Parker Pals President Ashton Dunnington
  Vice President Hung Tien Bui
  Treasurer Alexandra Skelton
  Secretary Jacob Cocke
Rehab 2 Performance Club President Tanner Quick
  Officer Carly Schoenhoft
  Officer Andrew Shapleigh
  Officer Tyler Garcia
SABCA President Ashley Farmer
  Vice President Elijah McLaughlin
  Secretary John Wilson
  Treasurer Jasmine Bonner
SACA President Charles Dominguez
  Vice President Noelle White
  Treasurer Abbey Bennett
  Legislative Representative  Alex Doten
SOTA President Sara Madison (Maddie) Cox
  Secretary Miranda Marquez
  Co-volunteer Coordinator Clay Pilley
  Volunteer Coordinator Tim Bailey
Soft Tissue Club President Ashlyn Pickett
  Vice President Justin Reyna
  Treasurer Haley Ann Nakamura
  Secretary Carla Ponce
Student Veterans Organization President Manuel Travino
  Vice President Margot Putty
  Secretary Victoria Napoles
  Treasurer Luke Shillig
WCWC President Katlyn Marks
  Vice President Skylar Jennings
  Secretary Azmaira Hirani
  Treasurer Katelyn Romero

Organization Handbook