Parker University Intramural Volleyball, Softball and Basketball

Intramural Sports are currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions. 
Intramurals on the Parker University campus includes competitions between Tris in volleyball (fall), basketball (winter) and co-ed and men's divisions of softball (spring).   Students, staff and faculty members are encouraged to participate. Physical exercise, social interaction, good sportsmanship and positive experiences are inherent in the program philosophy.  In addition to on-campus intramurals, Parker University also sponsors teams in flag football, men's and women's soccer, ice hockey and bicycling in city and area recreation department programs. The following guidelines have been established to ensure a successful program.

Attitude and Ethics

Good sportsmanship is vital to the success of every contest. In order to encourage proper conduct during intramural activities, officials and administrative personnel will make decisions on whether to warn, personalize or eject participants for poor sportsmanship. The Athletic Director may rule on further sanction in the event of flagrant un-sportsmanship conduct, such as dismissal from further participation in that sport as well as future teams.

The spirit and intent of the rules are evident. Violations and misinterpretations are most likely to occur when individuals and organizations apply the rules in order to gain an unfair advantage. In such instances, the Athletic Director reserves the right to take immediate corrective action. Individuals and organizations are responsible for maintaining and observing the spirit and intent of the Intramural Rules.

Organizational Structure

The Parker University Intramural Program is designed to promote friendly competition between members of all Tris.  Students must participate on teams representing their Tri. Should a Tri elect not to participate in a sport, individuals from that Tri will be placed on other teams by the Director of Athletics.  Individuals may only participate on one team and be listed on the team's official roster sheet in the Athletic Director's office.


The Purpose of the eligibility rules is to provide an equitable program for Parker University students, staff and faculty. Adherence to the "spirit and intent" of the rules is essential for a safe and enjoyable intramural program for all participants.

  • Each participant is responsible for the verification of his/her eligibility. Likewise, each team representative is responsible for the eligibility of the members of his/her team. There will be sport team rosters that will be limited to a certain number of participants for specific sport.
  •  Students must play for their respective Tri. Students on a mixed schedule may play for any one Tri with which they have a class.
  •  Individuals may participate on only one team in the same sport.
  •  All students, faculty, and staff currently enrolled and/or employed by Parker are eligible to participate in all intramural activities.
  •  Alumni can participate in all intramural activities and tournaments.
  •  Leagues will be structured according to the number of entries received.
  •  Any individual participating for an intramural team who is not listed on the official roster for that team is considered ineligible. The use of an ineligible player will result in loss of the contest in which the ineligible person participated.
  •  Any individual using an assumed name is considered ineligible. All contests during the season in which the person participated will result in a loss.
  •  Individuals violating any Intramural Guideline may be barred from intramural participation for an indefinite period of time based on the severity of the offense and at the discretion of the Athletic Director.
  •  The Athletic Director has the right to rule on any situation not specifically covered in the Intramural Guidelines.

Entry Process

Team Sports: To participate in any team sport, a team entry form must be submitted by the announced deadline. Entry forms will not be accepted without the required entry fee. Late entry forms will be accepted only with approval of the Athletic Director.

Team Entry Fees:
  • Softball --$50 (plus $100 refundable forfeit fee) 
  • Basketball $50
  • Volleyball -FREE 
  • Off-Campus Club Teams based on entry and uniform fees 

Individual Sports/Tournaments: To participate in individual sports or tournaments, each participant must complete an entry form and submit it to the Athletic Director's Office during the designated entry dates.


Championship teams in all Parker University Intramural Sports will receive "Championship T-Shirts"

Game Rules and Policies

Game rules and program policies governing play will be provided for each activity. These may be obtained from the Athletic Director.


Information regarding schedules, locations, and playing times for team and individual sports will be distributed as soon as possible after the organizational meeting. Information about times and playing rules for tournaments will be distributed a few days prior to the tournament


Due to the multitude of factors involved in coordinating intramural activities, once an activity or game is scheduled, it will not be changed. League games and tournament games cancelled due to inclement weather may be rescheduled. Player’s representatives are responsible for checking with the Athletic Director concerning postponements. Outside league games and tournaments will be cancelled if there is lightening in close proximity to the event and its participants. Due to the ever-changing Texas weather, cancellations will be done at individual locations, so each team must go to the event site to verify whether the game has been cancelled or not.


Game time is forfeit time. Any team or individual failing to report ready to play at the scheduled game time will forfeit to their opponent. If both teams and individuals fail to report ready to play at the scheduled game time, a forfeit will be issued to both teams and both individuals. A team who has to forfeit a game should notify the Athletic Director. If notification is not given prior to forfeit, the forfeiting team will be charged a $50.00 forfeit fee (where applicable).

Teams and individuals receiving two forfeits must notify the Athletic Director of their intent to continue participating in that sport prior to the start of the next scheduled game. Teams and individuals who fail to notify the Athletic Director will be automatically dropped from participating in that sport.


In every activity, some risk is involved. Participation in the Intramural Program is voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and assume full responsibility for their actions. Parker University is not liable for any injuries incurred while practicing for or participating in any campus activity. Additionally, participants must sign an Activity Center Waiver form and/or an Athletic Department individual sport waiver form prior to participation.