With a mission of “elevating student learning,” the emphasis is placed on increasing the level of success students at Parker University already have. Tutoring Services, as part of the Center for Teaching and Learning, promotes advanced student learning at Parker University by providing opportunities to students. By providing learning resources, the CTL coordinates student-centered academic support services and facilitates effective partnerships leading to improvements in student learning.

The CTL assists students seeking additional support outside the classroom. Students have access to learning consultations, anatomical models, and tutoring services. Through the Peer Tutoring Program, Students receive tutoring from their peers who have demonstrated high academic achievement in their courses. The program is managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning, and it affords students with specific instructional needs the opportunity to obtain extra academic assistance at no cost.


Parker University is partnering with Penji (an app-based scheduling and tracking system) to give students an accurate schedule at their fingertips.


How to Attend a Tutoring Session

1. Download the Penji app or access the Parker University community through the Penji website. Instructions are listed above.

2. Identify The Course You Want

3. Select a Session

4. Attend!



To Attend Virtually (If Available)

  1. Penji will provide a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Parker University tutors help students with content-related issues and engage their peers in key learning skills designed to benefit them in their courses and beyond.

Serving as a tutor with Tutoring Services is an excellent way to enhance interpersonal skills, deepen your own understanding of core content and skills, and promote a key Parker University value - loving service!

Qualifications for all NEW and RETURNING Tutors:

  • Possess at least a 3.0 Cumulative GPA

  • Earned at least a B (80%) in course(s) seeking to tutor

  • Eligible for Federal Work Study through Financial Aid

  • Have no code of conduct violations on file with the Dean of Student Affairs

​Tutors receive regular tutor training in accordance with the training framework provided by the College Reading and Learning Association's Level I International Tutor Training Program Certification.

Find out more about CRLA and ITTPC here (click link).

Parker University’s Financial Aid and Human Resources departments require completion of the work study application process to verify eligibility. Please complete the work study application process through the Financial Aid Department's MyParker page (click link).

The CTL partners with Tutor.com to provide assistance to students seeking additional support outside of peer-tutoring. Information about accessing Tutor.com is provided to all students through Blackboard, and provides access through single sign-on.

Access Instructions

To access Tutor.com, log into your Parker University Blackboard course. On the left-hand menu, you should see an area for online tutoring. You will see a drop-down menu with courses listed. Select the course you are seeking online tutoring in, and a session will begin with a professional tutor with expertise in that area and extensive training in effective tutoring strategies.

  • Tutor.com analyzed our syllabi to determine what they are able to offer.
    • If Tutor.com determined the course can be confidently covered by their professional tutors, the course will be listed as it is on your class schedule (ex. BASC 5104 Biology of Cells & Tissues)
    • If Tutor.com could not say with confidence their professional tutors could address all course contents in a tutoring session, the course is not listed as it is on your class schedule. However, many of your questions can be addressed by other content area tutors – this is why, in this situation, all subject areas are listed. Consider what questions you have about the course material and select a subject area that closest relates to the questions (ex. selection “Anatomy and Physiology” if you have a question about that portion of an imaging course).
  • Tutor.com is a question-based online tutoring platform. This means you should have some specific questions and/or goals to guide the session. Sessions are most effective when you have a place to start from.

If you are using Tutor.com to supplement your tutoring requirement from the Department of Student Affairs, check with your point-of-contact for what meets the requirement.