With a mission of “elevating student learning,” the emphasis is placed on increasing the level of success students at Parker University already have. Tutoring Services, as part of the Center for Teaching and Learning, promotes advanced student learning at Parker University by providing opportunities to students. By providing learning resources, the CTL coordinates student-centered academic support services and facilitates effective partnerships leading to improvements in student learning.

The CTL assists students seeking additional support outside the classroom. Students have access to learning consultations, anatomical models, and tutoring services. Through the Peer Tutoring Program, Students receive tutoring from their peers who have demonstrated high academic achievement in their courses. The program is managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning, and it affords students with specific instructional needs the opportunity to obtain extra academic assistance at no cost.


Parker University is partnering with Penji (an app-based scheduling and tracking system) to give students an accurate schedule at their fingertips.