The CTL partners with to provide assistance to students seeking additional support outside of peer-tutoring. Information about accessing is provided to all students through Blackboard, and provides access through single sign-on.

Access Instructions

To access, log into your Parker University Blackboard course. On the left-hand menu, you should see an area for online tutoring. You will see a drop-down menu with courses listed. Select the course you are seeking online tutoring in, and a session will begin with a professional tutor with expertise in that area and extensive training in effective tutoring strategies.

  • analyzed our syllabi to determine what they are able to offer.
    • If determined the course can be confidently covered by their professional tutors, the course will be listed as it is on your class schedule (ex. BASC 5104 Biology of Cells & Tissues)
    • If could not say with confidence their professional tutors could address all course contents in a tutoring session, the course is not listed as it is on your class schedule. However, many of your questions can be addressed by other content area tutors – this is why, in this situation, all subject areas are listed. Consider what questions you have about the course material and select a subject area that closest relates to the questions (ex. selection “Anatomy and Physiology” if you have a question about that portion of an imaging course).
  • is a question-based online tutoring platform. This means you should have some specific questions and/or goals to guide the session. Sessions are most effective when you have a place to start from.

If you are using to supplement your tutoring requirement from the Department of Student Affairs, check with your point-of-contact for what meets the requirement.