Useful Web Sites

Information from anxiety to relationships available through links to different web sites. See also the tab on the top left of the page for many resources for a variety of topics. 

Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery Resources Dallas

Local resources

National resources

Financial Guidance for Those Leaving Abusive Relationships

This website includes a very comprehensive checklist for leaving an abusive relationship. Financial constraints are usually significant and long lasting. Advice is given for planning an exit safely and effectively. Included are national and local resources.

Student Success Workshops: Adjustments above the Atlas

Stress Management and Using Temperament for Success, w/Dr. Elbel

Study Skills and Time Management w/Stratton Poulson

Test Taking Skills w/Stratton Poulson

Sleep Smarter—Be Smarter, w/Dr. Elbel

Overcome Test Anxiety, w/Dr. Elbel 

National Boards Game Plan 

Previous workshops are always available by Vodcast (on Campus Life - Student Affairs-Student Affairs Information--Vodcasts of Student Success Workshops) or at this link: