Students are responsible for their own attendance for each course in which they are enrolled. Students must be in attendance by the end of the drop/add period or they are not permitted to begin courses and their enrollment will be cancelled for the term. For any student that has been absent from all courses for ten (10) consecutive days will be administratively withdrawn from the university due to non-attendance. Specific programs may have attendance policies that have additional requirements beyond that of the university. In those cases, the program attendance policy must be followed. For additional information on specific program attendance policies, please refer to the program’s student handbook.

In the event a student is experiencing extenuating circumstances that is preventing them from attending class for an extended period of time, they should discuss an approved Leave of Absence with the appropriate College Dean. 

Viewing your Schedule

To view your schedule you will need your login and password. (If you do not have a login, or you are having problems logging in, please contact Parker University Service Desk (
Click on the View Details link in the Student Schedule portlet.  This will open a search box where you can choose your current or upcoming term. You will need to select the trimester or month range of your term. For example, '2022-2023 Summer Trimester' or '2022-2023 SA May - August.'

Print Schedule

To print out a copy of your schedule click the Student Schedule link that appears at the end of your schedule (you may have to click the View Details link for this to appear). 
You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.